Linggo, Marso 4, 2018


                              My name is John Lester A. Delos Reyes and I was born on the 12th of April, 2000 in Upper Cabatangan Zamboanga city. My favorite color is Red. My hobbit is Drawing and also my dreams in life is become a soldier. Because I want to protect all the people who lives here in our country especially my family. My parents were James Delos Reyes and Alice Delos Reyes. Both of my parents are living together. My mom still doing her job as a mother, always taking care of us and she is a laundrywoman. My father still doing his job as a vehicle driver and sometimes a construction worker. Fortunately I have been enough to avoid all of the hobbits.

                           My early childhood us a millennial environment 2007. My dad worked as a vehicle driver and sometimes a construction worker for us to have money and foods. My mom still working as a laundrywoman. I had a very happy, normal childhood as a eldest child into my two siblings John Angelo Delos Reyes and Janice Delos Reyes, leaving me with a simple son and also helpful to my parents. My mom and dad still remained married to my mother.

                          Growing up living with my parents is very happy. I live with my Parents/Family since I was a child and until now. I am very happy and feeling lucky to have my family because they are very supportive to me and also understandable at all times.

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